Welcome to Carornocar.com, the ultimate car hire advice website!

Unlike other car hire websites, which just compare prices between one provider and another, we ask a far more fundamental question – do you actually need to hire a car in Aberdeen, or in Anchorage, or Zurich, or anywhere else for that matter?

We have looked at 300 cities across the world, featuring destinations in six continents, each time answering the question of whether or not a rental car is a good idea.

Each time, we look at reasons why a first time visitor to that destination might want to hire a car, and then we look at the reasons why not to, based on the quality of other options, including public transport (transit), walking, cycling, and taking guided tours or boat trips.

The best place to start exploring is to use our world map of 300 destinations, with each places marked with a traffic light according to whether or not a hire car is advised (green for go, red for stop and find another option).