Nice Road Trip Ideas (Nice, France)

Nice really does have it all, whether you want to head directly north into Provence and then into the French Alps, east into Italy or west along the French Riviera, but this being France, and southern France at that, going on a road trip from Nice isn’t just about the amazingly spectacular sceneries or scenery […]

Gran Canaria Road Trip Ideas

No article about the best places to hire a car can really be complete if it doesn’t make some mention of Spain, if only because the prices of car-rental here are just so astonishingly cheap. But of course, I’m not going to even remotely suggest hiring a car in Spain just because it’s cheap, and […]

Santiago Road Trip Ideas

Although there is no naming connection between the country of Chile and the Chile Pepper, the country still very much resembles a very long thin version of the spice plant version of said spice plant said plant, and no other country on earth is anything like as long and narrow as Chile. I would love […]

Edinburgh Road Trip Ideas

There’s no doubt that Scotland offers some of Europe’s finest scenery, and some great driving roads from which to enjoy it. Yet Scotland also has some world famous scenic railway lines, especially the West Highland line which runs from Glasgow to Oban and Mallaig, and also the Kyle line which heads west from Inverness. Yet […]

Osaka Road Trip Ideas

Osaka, or Japan in general might not seem like a natural place from which to hire a car, but if you are doing Japan’s great cities by train and then want to start heading into the spectacular mountainous scenery that the country has to offer, then Osaka, or Kansai airport which is floating in the […]

Venice Road Trip Ideas

Venice, the 2nd best place in the world to rent a car, really? Yes, absolutely – Venice is an amazing place from which to start an Italian, and Adriatic or an Alpine road trip, and just because the city itself is a no go area for any kind of car, this just means that if […]

Las Vegas Road Trip Ideas

This article is part of our list of “The World’s 10 best places to start a road trip“. It looks at a range of trip options around Vegas, rather than taking a focus on any one single route. When it comes to road trips, or in particular road trip movies, nothing gets better than Sin […]

Let’s roll the culinary dice

Rolling The International Culinary Dice   Much as though I love to try out different foods when I travel, the simple reality is that I’m never going to  spend more than a few weeks each year travelling (at the moment it’s not even that). So for the other 47 or 48 weeks each year I […]

Why I rarely bring food home when travelling

Taking the flavours home from around the world – or not? Whether you are a foodie who does nothing other than travel in search or more exotic dishes or simply somebody who enjoys good food on the move, there’s no doubt that smells and flavours are an important part of the whole travel experience. So […]

Four elements in One Photo

This is what I hope will be the first of many photo blogs on Car or no car, and it’s a bit of an open topic, based around a “the road less travelled (#trlt)” discussion on the theme of elements, or at least the classical ones. I’ve taken a very liberal definition of these elements, and […]

Europe in 6 triangles – 3+ countries in a short break

Quick triangle trips (3+ countries) in Europe So what about places in Europe where you can make even a fleeting visit, let’s say a long weekend, and perhaps incorporating 3 different countries at the same time? I’d suggest starting with the following, all based on being able to fly into at least one airport with […]

Cross-border car hire Advice in Europe

Cross-border car hire in Europe If you are used to driving around the vast expanses of countries such as the USA, Canada or Australia, then the idea of driving a rental car across borders might not be something you’ve ever had the need to do, but within Europe it is perfectly common, especially in areas […]

What exactly is Remote Travel?

Tonight on The Road Less Travelled Twitter Chat (#trlt), the session is on “remote travel”. According to the Cambridge English dictionary, remote can primarily be defined as follows: Far away in ​distance or time, or not ​closely ​related. Before getting into the discussion itself, I had to stop and ask just exactly what I felt […]

Car hire prices compared in one table

Car hire prices compared in one table ​ The table below, based on research conducted in November 2015, gives a list of car hire prices for 240 of the 300 destinations featured on car or no car. Prices were compared on popular UK-based price comparison engines, and they are quoted in pounds sterling, without making […]

Italian Dire Straits Road Trip

This one is strictly just for fun, but you can take it if you wish (trains recommended in several places though). Inspired by my taxi driver in Verona who was listening to “Calling Elvis” by Dire Straits, rather than that “other” song, here’s a map of famous places in Italy which could be associated with […]