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What’s the point of Carornocar?

Our aim is to look at various different cities from around the world, from the point of view of a visitor, and give suggestions as to whether or not a rental car would be a good idea for the trip.

Can you give me individual advice?

Sure – as long as we can show this to others, so if the request is via a comment on the siteor via twitter, we’ll publish an open reply. Unfortunately, we can’t respond to individual emails.

Do you care whether or not users actually take your advice?

No! This site is based on the idea of some will, some won’t, so what.

If we were operating as a travel agent, then we would know that some people would book a holiday, and that others wouldn’t. It is also quite common for people to go to a travel agent, as for a load of advice, and then rush off to the internet to try and save a few pounds on their trip. As this project is entirely web based, it doesn’t matter to us if people browse the site and then don’t make a booking, whether we recommend car hire or not.

Yeah, but surely, you really want people to make a booking?

If I just wanted everyone who came here to make a booking, I’d build a price comparison website, or a car hire guide. But neither would interest me enough to want to build them further, so they would never grow into anything worthwhile.

Also, any operation like this would be just another ‘me-too’ website – we’d be fighting with everyone else to chase the same people in a very competitive market.

Why would you tell someone not to rent a car?

For simple reasons – we would be providing a service for them by giving useful advice. And we would hope they would tell other people about the site, which in turn would lead to future revenue for us.

How will you balance between places where you suggest renting a car, and those you don’t?

I have thought for a long time about what kind of ratio split there might be between cities where I say ‘you don’t need a car’, and those where I suggest getting one. Initially, the ratio was going to be around 70% against – but this ultimately made the site a bit pointless. If I said people didn’t need a car for most places they visited, I’d just be stating the obvious – yes, it is true that you can get around most cities in Europe without renting a car.

But what about places to see outside the cities? And if I’m not much of a driver myself, how can I make any advice I give appeal to people who like to  drive?

So I’m going for a 50:50 split, and including some places which might seem like an obvious ‘no’ as ‘yesses’, just to stir things up – starting with Amsterdam, which actually becomes quite a clear yes on closer investigation!

Do you drive yourself?

At the moment, I don’t use a car on a day to day basis, but I can borrow a car when I need to. I haven’t hired a car on any of my recent trips, but have done so plenty of times in the past. My real passion is for trains, and I am a keen cyclist, but I don’t believe in lecturing people about how they should get around. Every method of transport has its advantages and disadvantages, and I’ve been running a flight finding website (Flightmapping.com) for 7 years, so this is a chance to branch out into how to get around by land.

I could just build a website about urban transport, listing metro maps etc, but these are already available on a city-by-city basis. It is only by providing a comparison between driving conditions and public transport that we can help people make the best of their trip by getting around in whatever mode suits them.

Why do you include so few cities?

This site is brand new (as of October 2011), so please bear with me. I’m putting up a few sample pages to test the idea, and if feedback is good, I will take the idea further.

The initial plan is to feature the 100 cities I have been to which have an active airport, as this site is based on offering advice for people who are have either booked, or are thinking about booking, flights to the destinations mentioned.

After that, there are around another 100 cities where I have done extensive research for Flightmapping,com, and where there is enough tourist demand to make it worth including a car hire yes or no guide.

We do not plan to include advice for every single car hire location in the world, as advice for the smaller destinations would generally be similar world wide (hire car is a good idea).

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