We have to start any advice about using the roads in Kenya with the caveat that of all the major global tourist destinations which publish such figures, Kenya has the worst safety record. Statistically, you’ll always be safer in a larger bus, but if you are going to hire a car in Kenya, it’s generally […]


Flying into Kilimanjaro airport opens up a range of opportunities, both to explore Mount Kilimanjaro itself, and also some of the stunning national parks around it. However, Kilimanjaro car hire facilities here are extremely limited, and none of the major international car hire brokers were able to give us any quotes at this location. No […]


Any suggestion of driving in Johannesburg might well spring to mind fears about being a city with a high crime rate, where car-jackings are still commonplace. Despite efforts to improve matters, car crime is still a legitimate concern, and as with any destination, we can only provide a few brief pointers. For visiting the city […]


The new Enfidha International airport is situated close to the town of Hammamet, and it is also ideal for the major resort of Sousse. Some visitors who might have previously flown into the older Monastir airport might now use Enfidha, although Monastir still receives plenty of traffic in its own right. Naturally for all the […]


Our general car hire advice in Tunisia is that most of the main resort areas are relatively close together, and that public transport is often surprisingly good compared to expectations. Djerba is slightly different in that it is an island, rather than being part of the mainland, although regular ferry services are available, some carrying […]


Is it worth getting a hire car in Accra?Generally,  Accra car hire advice leans towards not doing so. The Ghanaian capital is not a destination which is served by any of the major car hire companies, so most visitors will just stick to using local shuttle bus and taxi services. Most of the major resorts […]


Situated just off the coast of East Africa, opposite the Tanzanian city of Dar es Salaam, the small island of Zanzibar is sufficiently compact that there isn’t really much point in getting a rental car here. Unsurprisingly, none of the major European car hire brokers offered us any prices when we searched for Zanzibar car […]


The Moroccan port of Tangier is famous for being just that, the main gateway port into Africa, especially for shipment goods travelling between Europe and Morocco via the Spanish port of Algeciras. In recent years, the Moroccan government has started relocating most port services to the new Tangier Med Port near Ksar es Seghir, thus […]


Sousse is one of Tunisia‘s most popular holiday destinations, being rated as one of the world’s top 100 tourist sites in terms of inbound visitors. You can transfer here by train from Monastir airport, although bus transfers are more likely, and Sousse is also closer to the new Enfidha airport. The local railway network changes […]

Sharm El Sheikh

Many airlines and tour operators are currently not serving Sharm El Sheikh, although services are set to resume during 2017. Restart dates vary according to each airline. Please check with them for updates. It may come as a surprise to some visitors to know that the resort of Sharm El Sheikh was actually built by […]


Mombasa car hire advice – the Kenyan coastal resort of Mombasa is a popular holiday destination with Europeans, and all of the major resorts are sufficiently close enough to make it be possible to get around using local taxis and bus shuttles. However, to come to Mombasa and only stay around these resorts would be […]


NOT to be confused with Lagos, Portugal (see Faro, Algarve) Public transport doesn’t leave much to be desired, xcept within the local confines of the newly developed planned community of Victoria Island, where trams are available alongside well maintained promenade trails. The suburban rail network is of limited usage to visitors. There is only one […]


Our general advice is that in Durban a hire car is extremely useful, both in terms of access to coastal scenery and also national parks heading inland, especially the magnificent Drakensberg. To follow. To follow.  

Cape Town

Cape Town car hire advice – many visitors to South Africa might be apprehensive about driving here, given the country’s reputation the having a high crime rate, although it is noted that this tends to be more of a problem around Johannesburg. There is certainly no particular need to get a hire car for staying […]


Brief verdict: Casablanca is very much Morocco‘s hub city, and is also currently one of only three cities in Africa which has a direct rail connection to its city centre. Driving in Morocco is a nightmare at the best of times, but Casablanca does at least also offer train links south to Marrakesh and north […]


For train travellers heading to Marrakesh from Europe (via Algeciras and Tangier), Marrakesh really is the end of the line. For those that fly in and travel light, Marrakesh Menara airport is so close to the city that could walk there if you wished, but there’s no real need, given the huge number of buses […]