The Moroccan port of Tangier is famous for being just that, the main gateway port into Africa, especially for shipment goods travelling between Europe and Morocco via the Spanish port of Algeciras. In recent years, the Moroccan government has started relocating most port services to the new Tangier Med Port near Ksar es Seghir, thus […]


Brief verdict: Casablanca is very much Morocco‘s hub city, and is also currently one of only three cities in Africa which has a direct rail connection to its city centre. Driving in Morocco is a nightmare at the best of times, but Casablanca does at least also offer train links south to Marrakesh and north […]


For train travellers heading to Marrakesh from Europe (via Algeciras and Tangier), Marrakesh really is the end of the line. For those that fly in and travel light, Marrakesh Menara airport is so close to the city that could walk there if you wished, but there’s no real need, given the huge number of buses […]