Anchorage Car Hire advice - yes or no?

Anchorage car hire advice

Anchorage has been one of the great surprises in doing research for Car or no Car. The natural starting point is that Alaska is a vast open state with such spectacular scenery that the only way to do it justice is by car – why even think about a yes or no question?

Further research shows that although there is indeed no question about the scenery, the best way to get around might just be anything but by car!

Why hire a car in Anchorage?

  • For all the obvious reasons – freedom to explore the great Alaskan landscape at your own pace!

Why not? Anchorage without a car

Instead, because the area around Anchorage offers such a rich variety of excursions that include hiking, biking, bus shuttles, train journeys with panoramic coach, and of course cruise ships and ferries, getting a rental car should actually be a long way down the priority list for anyone who wants to see Alaska at its best.

So before jumping straight into looking at Anchorage car hire deals, you **may** also want to consider:

  • Alaskan ferries (and of course cruises, but they take all the fun out of it!).
  • Alaska by rail – largely for sightseeing, as services tend to operate on a daily basis, so they aren’t that good for hiking excursions.
  • Hiking – especially in Denali National Park. Consider bus/coach options, as a rental car will just be parked at the trail head.
  • Cycling – yes, Alaska is great for biking in the summer months!

If you are here for skiing, then you will no doubt find that resort transfers are available direct from Ted Stevens airport without needing to get a rental car just for this purpose.

Further Anchorage car hire advice has been researched in early 2017, and this is now pending a revision. This page should be updated by late April 2017.

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Have you driven in Anchorage?

We have not yet had the privilege of visiting Anchorage, so this advice is based on online research, including looking at road maps, transit systems, street views, forums, Anchorage car hire costs and so on. If you have your own Anchorage car hire tips, or have suggestions on whether or not you need a car in Anchorage, please share them below.

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