Do I need a car in Bagan? Bagan is an historic and compact city where all of the major sites are a short and easy walk from each other. The most iconic way to see Bagan in all of its glory would be to take a hot air balloon tour, for which the city is very […]


Do I need a car in Mandalay? The Burmese city of Mandalay might be immortalising Roger yard Kipling’s poem, which mentions the “Road to Mandalay”, but this is actually talking about a spiritual journey by river, not a literal road trip. Situated deep inside the Burmese jungle, there are few roads leading in and out […]


Should I rent a car in Yangon? For other destinations in Burma, we generally wouldn’t recommend getting a hire car, because the major tourist sites tend to be very close to the city centres, and other places to visit can easily be seen by taking a bus tour. We would suggest that Yangon is the […]