Should I hire a car in Agra? The city of Agra is undoubtedly most famous for being the location of the Taj Mahal, one of the world’s most iconic and heavily photographed tourist destinations, and a place which is perfectly well served by train, bus and other local transport services. Needless to say, whether you […]


Should I hire a car in Amritsar? As with other cities in India, the local car hire market is not well developed. It’s obvious to suggest that the core focus of any visit to Amritsar is going to have the Golden Temple as a highlight, but any excursions from the city are still more likely […]


Should I hire a car in Chennai? Generally speaking, hire cars don’t make much sense when visiting India, partly because many visitors are not comfortable with local driving conditions, but also because large Indian cities tend to have extensive public transport, and taxis are cheap and plentiful. Furthermore, because India is so densely populated, it’s also […]


Should I rent a car in Delhi? Our general advice for India is that most visitors don’t really consider getting a hire car, and this advice is no different in Delhi. Perhaps the only major difference between looking at Delhi and looking at some other large Indian cities is that Delhi has a clear division […]


Should we rent a car in Goa? [India] Car rental options in Goa are relatively limited, and most visitors choose not to hire a car.  Goa Dabolim airport has a station nearby, although most visitors will use onward coach transfers. Above all else however, even if you spend most of your time in Goa in […]


Do I need a car in Jaipur? [India] Like many Indian cities, where the most impressive places to visit are very central, and there is so much to see in the immediate area around the city, we see little reason to want to hire a car in Jaipur, even if such services were readily available. […]


Should I hire a car in Mumbia? Before dismissing the idea of hiring a car in Mumbai completely, it is worth bearing in mind Mumbai is really a city of cities, and that much of the more recent development has been concentrated around Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai). This area is quite distinct from the older […]