Why would you even want to consider getting a hire car in Tokyo? Just because there might be a huge amount of cars which are made in Japan, this really doesn’t give the visitor any reason to want to hire one when they get here. Tokyo really is the world’s ultimate rail city, with a […]

Osaka Road Trip Ideas

Osaka, or Japan in general might not seem like a natural place from which to hire a car, but if you are doing Japan’s great cities by train and then want to start heading into the spectacular mountainous scenery that the country has to offer, then Osaka, or Kansai airport which is floating in the […]


Osaka is one of those cities where we start with the glaringly obvious advice. This is that in Japan the train really is king, and this really is just as much the case as it is in the Japanese capital Tokyo. For those who love their statistics, almost 30% of all journeys taken in Japan […]