For the first time visitor, Melbourne represents something of an irony. The city sprawls far and wide around the Geelong Bay, making it one of the largest city administrations on earth, despite a relatively low population (for a global city), and an extremely low population density. Yet perhaps only after San Francisco or Amsterdam, one […]


Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and it’s the natural starting point for onward travel around both North and South island, regardless of how you are thinking about getting around. So what is our Auckland car hire advice – do you need to get a rental car here, or can you get around […]

Uluru / Ayers Rock

There are very tight controls on development around Uluru / Ayers Rock, with the main resort compound being situated very close to Ayres Rock airport (AYQ). There’s no shortage of transfer services both from the airport to the resort and also to Uluru / Ayers Rock itself, which is situated around 6 miles / 10 […]


On the face of it, Sydney has the most comprehensive public transport network of any Australian city, and this includes a substantial network of commuter rail services (Sydney Trains), train connections at Sydney International airport, and a growing light rail network. A futuristic monorail ran in a loop around the city centre, although this was […]


Queenstown really prides itself as being the outdoor activity capital of the world, and this is after all the place where bungee-jumping was invented. Yet the town of Queenstown itself is a relatively small place, with a population of around 30,000 people. The airport in Queenstown is right on the edge of the centre, so […]

Perth (Australia)

There are some cities in the world where there is a heavy focus on a rich range of cultural attractions within the urban area, contrasted against a relative lack of places which are really worth visiting outside the city. New York is one such place which springs to mind, and the Spanish capital Madrid would […]

Papeete (Tahiti)

Generally our advice for visitors arriving into Tahiti would be that there isn’t really a huge advantage to gain from hiring a car here, because the island only has a small number of driving routes. As it happens, if you are heading out of Papeete town, you will actually see that the entire network of […]


Noumea is the one place in the world where I would love to go if he was given a blank airline ticket, but this capital of New Caledonia really is such a long way from anywhere that few Europeans or North Americans will have heard for it, unless they are French, because New Caledonia is […]


  The sheer range of coastal views, national parks and other places to visit around Hobart, combined with the lack of any sort of rail-based public transport, make this the sort of place where we would firmly recommend getting a hire car. To follow. To follow.


Dunedin is a natural gateway to many of the scenic wonders that make up the South Island of New Zealand, although Queenstown might be a better bet for visiting the fjord lands. Despite the railway connections, Dunedin is still in a very remote part of New Zealand, and most journeys will be by road. Dunedin […]


Our car hire advice for Brisbane starts with quite a few pointers to suggest that a rental car isn’t really necessary, and these include the fact that Brisbane has a well-developed public transport network. This isn’t just obvious and visible in terms of local rail services, which include a direct link to Brisbane airport, but […]