Car hire tips:

  • Always think about car hire at the time of booking, not in the weeks before departure.
  • If you are a planning on getting a hire car, book early to get the best deals.
  • If you don’t think a hire car is needed, you can still save a great deal of money by making advanced bookings for any train journeys.
  • Sometimes, if you’re flying into a city with more than one airport, or in and out of different airports, it is worth checking which locations have the cheapest car hire, as prices can vary dramatically.
  • Always consider a one-way car rental, this can help you seen much more of your destination, and need not be much more expensive than returning the car to the same location, especially if you’re booking single flight sectors with low-cost airlines.
  • Always check the cost of parking at or near your hotel before confirming any bookings. This usually swings the balance in favour of public transport where you are visiting major city centres.
  • Always check what insurance you have with your car and/or travel policy before paying for any extra damage waivers with car rental companies.
  • Make sure you have a rough idea how far you expect to drive, and check how much mileage is included in your car are quotation.
  • Also, check the cost of petrol (gas) in your destination. Although these fluctuate, the main reason for differences between petrol prices within Europe is because of the different levels of tax each country levies, and this change is much more slowly. Prices of petrol are much less variable within a country, although there are still variations from state to state within the USA, as each state levies its own gas tax. Generally, you can expect to pay more for petrol in rural areas, and less at supermarkets which have filling stations attached.
  • Check with your relevant motoring organisation for further tips on driving safety and greener driving

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