Can I rent a car in Bermuda? Our Bermuda car hire advice really is as simple as it can be – you won’t want to get one, you won’t need to get one, and even if you did, is impossible to get one anyway. Bermuda is simply as far as any destination can possibly get […]


Should I rent a car in Havana? Trying to offer any sort of car hire advice in Havana is naturally going to be full of irony. Here is a destination that has spent several decades politically and commercially isolated from the USA, yet some of the most iconic images of Havana are those of beautifully […]

Montego Bay

Is it worth renting a car in Montego Bay? The Montego Bay (Sangster) International airport is the gateway to a long stretch of holiday coastline that spreads out along the western and northern sides of the island of Jamaica. Montego Bay airport is used by travellers heading to resorts such as Negril, but also for […]


Do I need a rental car in Nassau? Well in Nassau they like to keep their naming simple, and this is where you will find Paradise Island, and on it the vast resort complex of Atlantis. The Bahamas are a collection of some 27,000 islands, but only a few of these have any form of […]

Nevis (St Kitts & Nevis)

Do I need to rent a car on Nevis? The tiny Caribbean island of Nevis only has just the one road running around it in a full circle. I’ve completed this ring on a bicycle in around 90 minutes, whereas it takes less than an hour to drive it.   Yet if Nevis was a small […]

Puerto Plata (draft)

Generally, we wouldn’t particularly advise hiring a car here, because most of the major resorts are relatively close to the airport, and there is a wide range of activities available along the coastline. A hire car might be useful for a day or two heading into the interior. For heading towards the capital Santo Domingo, […]

St Kitts

Should I rent a car in st Kitts? This advice covers the question of car hire for both the island of St Kitts and Nevis, although it assumes you are arriving on flights to St Kitts (Basseterre). Our separate car hire guide for Nevis just looks at that island on its own. Explore at your […]


When compared with smaller and more tourist oriented Tobago, it’s notable that the city of Port of Spain at least is a much more significant urban area, and is generally much easier to get around using buses and taxis. Port of Spain does have reputation of having a high crime rate, including vehicle crime, so […]