Do you need to hire a car in Amsterdam? Amsterdam city centre has a reputation as a cyclists’ paradise and a driver’s nightmare, but is that still the case for the area around the city, and for the rest of the Netherlands? Is Amsterdam car hire ever really an option? Amsterdam is also world-famous as […]

Andorra La Vella

Do I need a car in Andorra? Andorra car hire thoughts – trying to offer any sort of car hire advice in Andorra is always going to be something of an oxymoron. There is no gateway airport or even a railway station where you might hire a car from. However, Andorra remains one of the […]


Should you rent a car in Athens? Athens might have famously tried to reduce its horrendous traffic problems by only allowing either order or even number plated cars to drive on any given day of the week, and the city also invested heavily in a metro system in the run-up to the 2004 Olympic Games. […]


Do you need to hire a car in Barcelona, or do you even think of it as Car-celona? Even if many people will suggest that there is anything but a need to get a car here, there are a few situations in which a rental car in Barcelona could still prove useful: Green Catalonia — once […]


Do I need to hire a car in Basel? Basel is perhaps served by the most multinational airport in the world — not only can you arrive in either Switzerland or France (Mulhouse); the airport also markets itself as serving the city of Freiburg in Germany. This makes it tricky to offer advice about whether […]


Should I hire a car in Bergen? It is a while since I actually visited Bergen, but oddly enough, the scenery hasn’t changed much, and the infrastructure hasn’t changed a great deal either, although there have been a few road improvements. Back then, you could take your own car on the DFDS ferry between Newcastle and […]


Is it worth hiring a car in Berllin? Or are you better off using the city’s excellent public transport, combined with walking and maybe a bit of cycling? Since reunification, the German government, the state of Brandenburg and private investors have poured in billions of euros in investment, both to create a reunited city, and […]


Is it worth hiring a car in Bern? The Swiss capital is often overlooked by people who just want to change trains and head for the ski resorts, but this is a great shame as this tightly packed UNESCO world Heritage city has so much to offer. Having said that, this is of course the […]


Do I need to hire a car in Bilbao? The Basque city of Bilbao is known above anything else for one big draw, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, designed by the architect Frank Gehry and rated by Time Magazine as the building of the 20th century. Whilst this building is truly dramatic, Bilbao is some distance […]


Do I need to hire car in Birmingham? Birmingham sits at the heart of the English Midlands, with a strong mix of both industrial and traditional tourist attractions. Like any reasonable sized European city, there’s no need to get a hire a car in Birmingham if you are just visiting the centre, but the chances […]


Do I need to hire a car in Blackpool The Blackpool pleasure Beach is amongst the world’s most visited tourist attractions, and Blackpool remains as one of the United Kingdom‘s most popular short break destinations, but is there any need to get a hire car here? Note that this car hire advice is based on […]


  Visitors arriving into Bodrum airport and considering whether or not to hire a car will probably already be aware that most of the resorts around Bodrum are scattered quite far apart, as are the main places of interest to visit. Whereas holidaying in larger Turkish Mediterranean cities like Izmir or Antalya is easy enough […]


Do you need a car in Bologna? Our advice for Bologna really depends largely on how you are getting to Bologna in the first place – the city has previously had two active international airports, yet in recent years, all the flights have been concentrated on the main Bologna International airport (BLQ). It’s also quite possible that […]

Bordeaux (draft)

Most of the area around Bordeaux is rural. you will need a hire car to see it on your own terms. Bordeaux is the western gateway to the Dordogne region – you can fly directly into Bergerac, but wherever you arrive, a hire car will provide the most flexibility for getting around. Bordeaux is most […]


Do you need a rental car in Bourgas? Bulgarian coastal resorts that were developed during the communist era tended to have good public transport provision, and this still applies within the city of Bourgas today, and also in the other major Bulgarian Black Sea coastal resort of Varna. However, public transport here is still nothing […]


See also – Bari Brindisi car hire advice – situated right on the heel of Italy‘s boot, Brindisi is perhaps best known as a port for maritime travel to Greece and beyond, and there are also quite a few rail routes leading in and out, including a direct link to nearby Lecce. However, this is […]


Do you need to hire a car in Bristol? A hire car will give you access to visit many more places in South West England. If you are flying in for a slightly longer break, then Bristol’s network of flight routes makes it the best arrival point for exploring Devon and Cornwall, as well as […]


Do I need to hire a car in Brussels?  The Belgian capital is often overlooked on the way to other touristy cities in Belgium such as Bruges. This is a shame as Brussels also has plenty to offer. As Belgium is a relatively small country, the advice here applies to Belgium as a whole as […]


Should I rent a car in Budapest? When Carornocar first started looking at Budapest, our natural inclination was to suggest that this is an obvious destination where no car is needed at all. This is perhaps most easily influenced by the fact that after London, Budapest has the oldest underground network in the world, and […]


Cambridge is the UK‘s cycling capital – at least in numerical terms. The city itself is compact and driving is a nightmare. So why would you want to hire a car there? Explore Cambridgeshire villages. Visit the fens and the East Anglia coast line. There are very few reasons to visit Cambridge with a car […]


Do you need to rent a car in Cardiff? Flexibility – As with any other city, a hire car will give you the flexibility to explore beyond the built-up areas in your own time. Whilst Cardiff is attractive enough, it lacks the same level of big-ticket tourist attractions that visitors to other capitals within the […]