Now I know somebody is going to have a go at me for this, but if ever there was an index for the ratio between the attractions a city has to offer within and the nearby attractions without (i.e. just outside the city), then Vienna would be a pretty good case for being represented almost […]


When compared with some other Alpine destinations such as Salzburg or the Swiss capital Bern, the network of rail routes around Innsbruck doesn’t initially look especially comprehensive, but Innsbruck is still an important junction on the Austrian rail network. If you are just coming here to ski, then there really is no need to hire […]


Salzburg is one of those really rich destinations that offers a huge range of cultural activities within the city itself, but that is also then a great gateway to so many scenic mountainous areas around it. Needless to say, a hire car would be utterly pointless within the city of Salzburg itself – the airport […]