Corsica (Bastia)

Should I rent a car in Corsica? (Bastia) Given that rail-based public transport on Corsica is slow, disjointed and dilapidated, a hire car is going to make a lot more sense. You will only really get around here without a car if you are the kind of traveller who loves using local trains and buses […]


Do I need a car in Dinard? It would be easy to assume that anyone arriving into this very rural part of France without their own car would automatically want to pick up a hire car from the airport, so is it even worth considering the option of getting around Brittany without a car? Flexibility […]


Do you need to hire a car in Marseille? Take the iron way or select “Fifth gear in Provence?” Marseille is one of those places that is a perfectly interesting destination in its own right, whilst also being a gateway to a number of popular rural areas, the most prominent being of course the region […]


Do I need a car in Montpelier? Montpelier is an interesting destination to look at, because it offers a varied mix of an interesting city with large numbers of students and varied nightlife, combined with wide-open beaches and access to the great French interior. It’s also somewhere that can be reached by a range of […]


Do you need a hire car in Nice? When you hire a car in Nice, the chances are that you’ll be wanting to explore so much more than just the city of Nice itself and its immediate environs, but can you still get around this beautiful part of the world without one? Superb Scenery — as soon […]


Carornocar > Europe > France > Paris [PAR] Should I rent a car in Paris? Paris isn’t just one of Europe’s most popular tourist cities, it is also continental Europe’s most important transport hub for both air and high speed rail services. Within central Paris, car hire is largely pointless, but as you venture further […]

Paris (Disneyland)

Is it worth hiring a car from Paris Disneyland? Usually, we wouldn’t include a destination like Marne La Vallée as a separate entity from the main city of Paris itself, but Marne La Vallée is actually one of the world’s top 100 tourist destinations in its own right, almost entirely due to the presence of Disneyland Paris. […]


Do I need to hire a car in Perpignan? Perpignan benefitted quite early from the low-cost flights revolution, although it has since seen several routes scaled back. Depending on whether your local airport offers flights to Perpignan, this advice could be considered in conjunction with our Carcassonne or Toulouse car hire guides, or alternatively with […]


Should I rent a car in Tours? Tours is the natural gateway to the Loire Valley, and given the huge number of châteaux which are spread around this region, you will probably find it easier to get around in a hire car. Having said that, it’s actually surprisingly easy to visit some of the Loire […]