Do you need a car in Bologna? Our advice for Bologna really depends largely on how you are getting to Bologna in the first place – the city has previously had two active international airports, yet in recent years, all the flights have been concentrated on the main Bologna International airport (BLQ). It’s also quite possible that […]


See also – Bari Brindisi car hire advice – situated right on the heel of Italy‘s boot, Brindisi is perhaps best known as a port for maritime travel to Greece and beyond, and there are also quite a few rail routes leading in and out, including a direct link to nearby Lecce. However, this is […]


Do I need a hire car in Florence? We have looked at car hire in Florence and compared it to nearby Pisa, so there is quite a lot of interplay between these two destinations. However, your visit to Florence or Pisa may well start off on a very different footing. Although Florence is by far […]


Should we rent a car in Genoa? It would be too easy to dismiss Genoa entirely without taking a look at some of the sites of historic interest within. This is of course an ancient city with many stories to tell, but it doesn’t matter how long you want to spend here, there is simply no […]


Should I rent a car in Milan? Europe’s Great Lakes District – especially Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, are all within an easy drive. If you rent a car in Milan (or at any one of the three airports), you have the flexibility to travel at your own pace, rather than being constrained […]


Should I hire a car in Palermo? Palermo is one of those destinations where anyone’s instinctive reaction to the question of car hire is going to lean heavily towards not getting one, mainly due to safety fears – real or not! First-time visitors to the rugged and sparsely populated island of Sicily could be forgiven for […]


Do I need a car in Pisa? The compact city of Pisa might well be world famous for its dodgy engineering, but any visitor to the region is obviously going to want to see a lot more than this, and there is certainly plenty to see within Pisa itself and nearby, without having to travel […]


Do you need a car in Rome? Historians estimate that ancient Rome was a city of more than 1 million people by 210 AD. Since everyone lived at this time without mechanised transport, it’s hardly surprising that all of the most famous sites, and in particular the Coliseum, the Forum, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain, […]

Sardinia (Cagliari)

Should I hire a car in Sardinia? It would be natural for the first time visitor to Sardinia to assume that this isn’t really the place where there would be much to offer in terms of train services or other public transport, but this really isn’t the case. Although rail networks always flow a lot more […]


Should I rent a car in Trieste? Given that there is only one major railway heading into Trieste as the line trundles along from Venice, and given that the small number of branch lines heading out of the city only have very limited service, Trieste is the sort of destination that naturally leans towards getting […]


Do I need a car in Turin? Turin is one of those cities that is undoubtedly associated with cars, not just because it is the home of Fiat, but also because most Brits with associate Turin with the legendary crime caper the Italian job. So is there any reason not to pick up a red, […]


Should I rent a car in Venice? Surely, when it comes to considering whether or not to get a hire car, it doesn’t get more obvious than Venice? Well, actually, we happen to think that getting a hire car in Venice is an extremely good idea. Needless to say, the question of “Should I rent […]


Is it worth hiring a car in Verona? Can you get around the city and continue to other places in the region without one? Good choice of flights and car hire options – Verona has had some interesting times with attempts to develop low-cost flights through the nearby Brescia airport, and then more recently through […]