Do you need to hire a car in Barcelona, or do you even think of it as Car-celona? Even if many people will suggest that there is anything but a need to get a car here, there are a few situations in which a rental car in Barcelona could still prove useful: Green Catalonia — once […]


Do I need to hire a car in Bilbao? The Basque city of Bilbao is known above anything else for one big draw, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, designed by the architect Frank Gehry and rated by Time Magazine as the building of the 20th century. Whilst this building is truly dramatic, Bilbao is some distance […]


Do I need to hire a car in Fuerteventura? On first impressions, Fuerteventura is a barren windswept island where the major resorts are all quite far apart from each other. This might naturally make it look like the sort of place where a hire car looks all but essential. Other than a single tram line […]

Gran Canaria

Should I hire a car in Gran Canaria? Gran Canaria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, but as with the other Canary Islands, there is no rail-based public transport to get around here, just an extensive network of buses. Public transport is poor and disjointed. No rail services of any kind. […]


Is it worth hiring a car in Granada? The Andalusian city of Granada is undoubtedly most famous for its Alhambra fort, but there is plenty more to see in this part of southern Spain than just this single attraction. Limited flights – although Granada was previously served by both Ryanair and monarch, there are currently no […]


Do I need a car on Lanzarote?  As with the other major islands in the Canaries, Lanzarote is just large enough for a hire car to be useful, and driving is generally a lot more convenient than going by bus, except for the some of the areas around the capital Arrecife, which can be prone […]


Do I need to hire a car in Madrid? The Spanish capital is quite unlike any other major city on the Iberian peninsular, sitting as it does in its own basin. If your usual idea of Spain is a Mediterranean coastal resort then dry Madrid is quite different, but what it lacks in water, it […]


Do I need a hire car in Malaga? Many people taking flights into Malaga will automatically pick up a rental car without thinking about it. So can you enjoy a stay there without one? This depends in many ways on where you are staying – many people head west for Costa Del Sol resorts, or stay […]


Should I rent a car in Palma? Majorca is perhaps the most popular of all Europe’s holiday islands, and it is easy to see why. Majorca offers something for everybody – from the obvious sun sea and sand through to cultural attractions in Palma itself and the verdant Northern parts of the island. So what’s […]


Do I need to hire a car in Seville? Many people heading for the Spanish Costas forget that Andalusia also has some fantastic cities in its interior, and these should never be overlooked. Some people just make day trips to cities like Seville and Granada from the Costa Del Sol, and this can easily be […]


Spain‘s third city has gone to great efforts to put itself on the tourist map, especially with the vast City of Arts and Sciences complex. This huge white monument to steel, concrete and glass, which was designed by home-grown architect Santiago Calatrava really is one of the most impressive feats of modern architecture in Europe. […]