Visitors arriving into Bodrum airport and considering whether or not to hire a car will probably already be aware that most of the resorts around Bodrum are scattered quite far apart, as are the main places of interest to visit. Whereas holidaying in larger Turkish Mediterranean cities like Izmir or Antalya is easy enough […]


Independent minded travellers might find themselves passing through Edirne when travelling between Greece and Turkey, as the city is on the main road and railway routes between Thessaloniki  and Istanbul. The historic city itself is also relatively compact and easily walkable, with plenty of local buses as well. This is also a natural changing point […]

Hopa (Artvin, Turkey)

Do you need a car in Artvin? Artvin car hire – yes or no? The Turkish city of Artvin is listed amongst the 100 most popular global tourist destinations, and to be honest, we are as intrigued by this as much as you will be! The city is relatively compact, but there are a number […]


Should I rent a car in Istanbul? Istanbul is certainly the largest and most famous city to straddle two continents. Given this intercontinental mixing in a city of some 10 million or more people, it’s perhaps not surprising that whichever side of the Bosphorus you are on, Istanbul really does just go on and on. […]


Do I need to hire a car in Izmir? Of all the various different Turkish Mediterranean coastal resorts, Izmir stands out as being the one place where a hire car really isn’t absolutely necessary. There are few places on this coastline which have any kind of rail service at all, yet Izmir has both local […]


Muğla car advice – the Turkish province of Muğla is rated as one of the worlds most popular tourist destinations by international visitor arrivals, although this is largely based around tourism on the Mediterranean coast. See: Bodrum Dalaman Marmaris (fly to Dalaman).