East Midlands (Airport)

When it comes to airports, cities can usually be divided into two camps — the simple ones which only have one airport and those that are served by two or more airports. East Midlands airport on the other hand is a completely different breed as it is an airport which serves three different cities — […]


Birmingham sits at the heart of the English Midlands, with a strong mix of both industrial and traditional tourist attractions. Like any reasonable sized European city, there’s no need to get a hire a car in Birmingham if you are just visiting the centre, but the chances are that you are almost certainly going to […]


The Granite city sits in a geographically remote corner of the UK, but once you get there, can you get around easily using public transport, or is a car essential? What are the main Aberdeen car hire options? There are many reasons to rent a car in Aberdeen, but the city and its surroundings can […]


The Blackpool pleasure Beach is amongst the world’s most visited tourist attractions, and Blackpool remains as one of the United Kingdom‘s most popular short break destinations, but is there any need to get a hire car here? Note that this car hire advice is based on visitors who aren’t already driving here using their own […]


Traffic moving like treacle, extortionate parking, and the dreaded congestion charge – why might a visitor to London even consider getting a rental car? London car hire advice: Well if you are only ever staying within the central London zone one (note that these areas are defined by London public transport zones), then it should […]


With its two airports (Glasgow International and Prestwick), Glasgow is the main gateway to Scotland for visitors arriving by air, and it is also Scotland’s most important rail centre. So is there any need to get a hire car when visiting the city and the vast range of scenic destinations which can be reached from […]


Many British visitors to Cornwall will come here using their own cars, and Cornwall is also very easy to get to by train, courtesy of Brunel’s famous great Western route, the main trunk spine of which runs fast from London Paddington to Exeter, from where it crawls around the coast and then deeper inland into […]


Flexibility – As with any other city, a hire car will give you the flexibility to explore beyond the built-up areas in your own time. Whilst Cardiff is attractive enough, it lacks the same level of big-ticket tourist attractions that visitors to other capitals within the British Isles might be used to. Yes, Cardiff does […]


Sheffield is perhaps more famous for the steel from which cars are built rather than being a particularly good or bad place to drive, but it also claims to be the only city in the UK which has a national park within its boundaries, and there is certainly plenty of great scenery nearby. So if […]


Most people know that the city of dreaming spires is also one of the U.K.’s least accessible cities to motorists in private cars, whilst also being second only to Cambridge when it comes to the volume of cyclists. Yet Oxford is also home to Inspector Morse and his legendary red Jaguar, and even if the […]


Well, if you are just heading for a few days into the centre of Edinburgh, a car will of course be a complete hindrance.Central Edinburgh is well known as being both a nightmare for car drivers, and a throng of buses. We’re guessing you know that, so this advice is for slightly longer stays in […]


Hadrian’s Wall — Newcastle is a good place to start exploring the Roman ruins of Hadrian’s Wall, taking in the superb Northumbrian and Cumbrian landscape on the way. Kielder Water — the Kielder Water reservoir and the forests which surround it provide numerous opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Cumbria and the Lake District — although it […]


 Inverness may be capital of the Highlands, but is that status enough to make it a major public transport hub as well? Flexibility — for all the obvious reasons, a hire car will give you far more flexibility than go by train or bus will. Timing — however scenic the train lines out of Inverness […]


A hire car will give you access to visit many more places in South West England. If you are flying in for a slightly longer break, then Bristol‘s network of flight routes makes it the best arrival point for exploring Devon and Cornwall, as well as nearby Avon and Somerset. Public transport to and from […]


The Northern Ireland peace process has brought about a significant rise in the number of tourists visiting Belfast. As with most European cities, the main attractions in Belfast itself are easy to walk to, so what about places to visit beyond the city? Limited railway lines — look at any major city in England or […]


Cambridge is the UK‘s cycling capital – at least in numerical terms. The city itself is compact and driving is a nightmare. So why would you want to hire a car there? Explore Cambridgeshire villages. Visit the fens and the East Anglia coast line. There are very few reasons to visit Cambridge with a car […]


See in conjunction with Aberdeen and Edinburgh Car Hire Advice. Dundee has relatively few flights from the rest of the UK, and no international flights. Therefore, many visitors to Dundee, Tayside and beyond are more likely to arrive at Edinburgh airport instead. However you get here, should you pick up a hire car, or can […]


Much of this advice assumes you are heading west towards Cornwall. It is essentially aimed at people flying into Exeter airport, although it could equally apply to people taking the train out of London or other parts of the UK. For the usual reasons of flexibility. Looking west, train services between Exeter and Plymouth are […]


Beaches — Jersey has many absolutely superb beaches, with Plemont being a personal favourite. Although buses are available and you would have no problem getting to the beach, do you really want to be hanging around waiting for a bus at the end of a long day? Bus services are much more geared towards shuttling […]