Maldives car hire advice – this one really is about a simple as it gets, you can’t hire a car here, because there would be nowhere to drive it. The Maldives are a hugely spreadout chain of islands with very few roads, and even if you plan to do nothing other than fly into the […]


Generally, we wouldn’t advise looking into getting a rental car in the Seychelles, because none of the islands are particularly large, and there are few driving roads. No reasons / not possible. It makes a lot more sense just to use local taxis or guided tours if you do want to head inland, but otherwise […]


The small French overseas department island of Reunion is the sort of destination where it doesn’t really make that much sense to get a hire car, because most of the major resorts are all relatively close to each other, and they are all within a short bus or taxi ride from the island’s main airport. […]


Our general advice for visiting Mauritius is that when compared with some other tropical destinations, this spectacular island is relatively small, so if you do choose to hire a car, it’s unlikely to get a great deal of usage. Many of the most impressive resorts in Mauritius are built on stilts out into the Indian […]