Global Car Hire Advice Map

The map above features car hire advice for around 300 global destinations, including a range of some of the most popular tourist centres, combined with a mix of niche destinations from all six inhabited continents.

Using the map

  • Each “traffic light” marks a city, with a scale from deep green (hire car strongly advised through to deep red (car hire unwise).
  • Destinations where car hire is not possible are marked with a red X symbol.
  • Click on destination for a brief summary, with star ratings for driving versus non driving ways of getting around.
  • Click at the bottom of the pop up window for a full review (currently in draft form for most cities).
  • Note that all destination advice is based on the question “I’m thinking about hiring a car here, should I?”. Advice is therefore relative to the destination, and not usually absolute, except in locations where car hire is difficult or impossible.
  • Star ratings are also relative to the country or region, and include factors such as availability of hire cars, driving conditions, scenic roads, compared against quality of rail service, cost of tickets, availability of boat services etc.