Las Vegas

Where can we even start with car-rental advice for the great enigma in the desert that is Sin city Las Vegas Nevada? Of all the different travel destinations in the world, Las Vegas is quite possibly the best and the most iconic place from which to start a road trip, essentially because you could just […]

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Fly drive — Atlanta is the busiest airport in the world, and whilst the vast majority of these flights, domestic routes within the USA is still a gateway city with connections to many airports in Europe. This makes Atlanta an obvious point for picking up a rental car and going on a road trip. Poor public […]

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The Massachusetts state capital is perhaps best known for its educational institutions, and Harvard University is even situated in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Boston also developed the first, and still one of the best, underground systems in the USA, so is there any need to hire a car there? Leaf fall — New England […]

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Mexico City

The vast and sprawling Mexico City used to be the largest city in the world, and although it has now been surpassed by several cities in Asia, this is still one of the largest cities in the Americas at least. Although it’s better than it was, Mexico City also still has a reputation for bad […]

Key West

Situated right on the western tip of the Florida keys, Key West is literally situated at the end of the road, as far as driving within the United States is concerned. This might make it a natural consideration for being the start or end of some phenomenal road trip, but in reality, the chances are […]

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San Francisco

Pacific Highway — whether you drive Northwest or Southeast toward Los Angeles, the Pacific Highway (Highway 1) is one of the great driving roads of the USA. Redwoods — carry on up the Pacific Highway towards the border with Oregon, and you can visit the dramatic redwoods National Park, where you will encounter the tallest […]

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Although many cities in Mexico have a substantially longer history, Cancun has grown extensively around the tourism industry, making this a destination which was largely developed around the car. Needless to say, airport transfers here are easy enough to come by, and there are plenty resort shuttles travelling around and between the main hotel areas. […]


Anchorage has been one of the great surprises in doing research for Car or no Car. The natural starting point is that Alaska is a vast open state with such spectacular scenery that the only way to do it justice is by car – why even think about a yes or no question? Further research […]

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Las Vegas Road Trip Ideas

This article is part of our list of “The World’s 10 best places to start a road trip“. It looks at a range of trip options around Vegas, rather than taking a focus on any one single route. When it comes to road trips, or in particular road trip movies, nothing gets better than Sin […]


Orlando Vroom? Orlando is one of those popular family holiday spots where car hire is a natural addition to the flight purchase. So, is it possible to enjoy a week or so in Orlando without renting a car? Obvious isn’t it? This is the USA, and doesn’t everyone drive? This isn’t just about Orlando. There […]

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By North American standards, public transport in Toronto is quite good, as there is a network of suburban trains, metro and bus services. However, unless you are simply planning on doing in eastern Canada city break and perhaps also visiting Montréal, Ottawa and Quebec, then you almost certainly want to get out into the great […]


The mile high city sits dramatically beneath the imposing peaks of the Rocky Mountains and is Gateway to some amazing skiing country, not to mention the numerous other outdoor pursuits that can be enjoyed around the year. Does that make this a pretty obvious place to get a rental car, or can you get around without […]

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Great Lakes — To get around the city of Chicago itself, there really is no reason to get a hire car, unless you want to behave like Ferris Bueller. To enjoy scenic areas around the Great Lakes or inland, then as with anywhere, a hire car will give you much more flexibility. Base — Chicago […]

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Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)

Car hire advice for visiting Hawaii is very specific to each individual island. There can be no general Hawaii car hire advice, since there are no ferry links between the island, so each time you visit a new island will need thinking about car hire options afresh. As our car hire map shows, there is huge […]

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Many visitors to Yellowstone will come here by car in the first place, either because they are driving from elsewhere in the United States and Canada using their own car, or because they are visiting Yellowstone as part of a wider road trip around America’s great west. If your plan is to do the latter, […]

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Of all the 300 cities featured in Carornocar, Tampa really does stand out as the one place where a rental car really is completely essential. Now there are plenty of American cities which sprawl across large areas, but which have at least made some attempt at installing a light rail system (Houston, Dallas and Denver […]

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On first impressions, Seattle looks like the ultimate in ultramodern cities, and the city is home to Microsoft as well as other major corporations like Starbucks and of course Boeing, who may or may not have helped you get here in the first place. The most iconic landmark in Seattle might be the Space Needle, […]

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San Jose (California)

We trust that you know the way to San Jose, which has become more and more accessible over the years as scheduled air service has expanded, now to include daily flights from London. However, many visitors will still want to reach Silicon Valley by flying into San Francisco International airport, which has a much wider […]

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San Diego

Just because there’s a token trolley and one particularly scenic coastal route heading north towards Los Angeles, San Diego is the sort of place that you want to visit with a rental car, unless you really are just sticking to Seaworld and staying in the downtown area.

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Salt Lake City

Although I visited Salt Lake City way back in 1996, it was only a brief stop late at night when travelling by Amtrak train from Denver, before heading later that evening down to the sin city of Las Vegas, a passenger service that is sadly no longer operating. Salt Lake City is the headquarters of […]

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Québec city

Most  major Canadian cities are easy enough to get around using local public transport services, and whereas Montréal and Toronto have subways, Vancouver has the Skyrail and Ottawa has an extensive bus system, Québec City just has the sort of bus network that is good enough to get around, but really very little more than […]


Portland is well known for trying to combat the problems of urban sprawl which have blighted so many other large American cities, and this has meant that the city fathers have tried to make Portland expand within its existing commuter belt, rather than endlessly grow further and further out beyond it. For the visitor, this […]

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It’s fair to say that alongside Washington DC, Philadelphia tends to have a broader appeal to domestic American visitors than it might do for the international tourist, and whether you are here to see the Liberty Bell, the “Rocky Steps”, or anything else within the downtown area, it’s fairly obvious to point out that a […]

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If you are flying into Pensacola, then you might well be looking to travel onwards to anywhere in the Florida Panhandle, or indeed into neighbouring Alabama or even into the eastern side of Louisiana, although generally a much wider range of flights is available into New Orleans if this is the case. We think that […]

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Nashville prides itself as being “Music City USA“, and with the focus being on Country and Western, there’s no shortage of live music available, and needless to say, if you are just sticking around the city centre, then local buses and taxis are fine. Nashville also has a commuter rail service under the banner of […]

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Montréal car hire advice – if you’ve only come to Montréal to enjoy the nightlife and the city’s many and varying restaurants, then this is certainly the sort of place that you get around easy enough using local public transport, and anyone visiting Montréal from London might also notice a certain sense of familiarity with […]


Memphis car hire advice – generally, we think that Memphis is the sort of place where there are just enough options for getting around the city without a hire car, that you can probably manage it. Although there is ample car parking at Graceland, you can also get there it from the downtown area in […]

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