Do I need to rent a car in Acapulco? Whether or not you want to actually go loco down in Acapulco, this is not a part of the world that is served by trains in any shape or form, nor does Acapulco have much to offer in terms of cycling facilities or walking trails, so to […]


Of the car rental destinations that have been researched for Carornocar (but not actually visited in person), Anchorage in Alaska is undoubtedly one of the most interesting. This is because the natural assumption for any first-time visitor might well be that because Alaska has so much big open country, the obvious choice here would be […]

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Of the various cities reviewed and featured in Carornocar, Atlanta is one of the ones that leans most heavily towards getting a rental car, even despite having a token metro system. There are two main reasons for this, and they are closely related – firstly, because Atlanta is such a major air hub, it makes […]

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Do I need a car in Baltimore? Note that this Baltimore car hire advice is aimed primarily at visitors arriving at Baltimore-Washington airport (BWI). It also may be useful for visitors arriving into downtown Baltimore by train. For visitors arriving into BWI, but planning primarily to visit Washington DC, please see our Washington DC car […]

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Should you rent a car in Boston? The Massachusetts state capital is perhaps best known for its educational institutions, and Harvard University is even situated in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Boston also developed the first, and still one of the best, underground systems in the USA, and the city has a good network of […]


Should I rent a car in Cancun? Although many cities in Mexico have a substantially longer history, Cancun has grown extensively around the tourism industry, making this a destination which was largely developed around the car. Needless to say, airport transfers here are easy enough to come by, and there are plenty resort shuttles travelling around […]


Should I get a rental car in Chicago? Great Lakes — To get around the city of Chicago itself, there really is no reason to get a hire car, unless you want to behave like Ferris Bueller. To enjoy scenic areas around the Great Lakes or inland, then as with anywhere, a hire car will […]

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Should I rent a car in Dallas? Dallas really is one of those cities where the natural assumption is that a car is necessary to get around, and over 90% of journeys within the city are made this way. Although Dallas does have a small element of light rail, connecting through as far as the […]

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Should you rent a car in Denver? The mile high city sits dramatically beneath the imposing peaks of the Rocky Mountains and is Gateway to some amazing skiing country, not to mention the numerous other outdoor pursuits that can be enjoyed around the year. Does that make this a pretty obvious place to get a rental car, […]


Should I rent a car in Edmonton? First impressions of Edmonton might be of a city that sits at the edge of a wide prairie and at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It’s also the location of the West Edmonton Mall, a vast mega complex that was the largest in the world before various […]


Do I need to rent a car in Hilo? Big Island Hawaii has substantially more open roads than the more densely populated and smaller Oahu, where the state capital Honolulu is found, and this might suggest that Hilo is the sort of place where a rental car is automatically going to be the best option. […]

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Do I need to rent a car in Houston? What can we really say about Houston, one of the most car-dependent cities on earth? This is a place where nearly 95% of all journeys in the city are taken by car, and anybody who has the option of driving will drive. So it almost goes […]

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Kauai, Hawaii (Lihue)

Do I need a car on Kauai? Given that there is only really one major road running in a “C” shape around only part of the island of Kauai, we don’t really think that Lihu’e is a sort of destination where a hire car is going to be particularly useful. The island is also small […]

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Key West

Should I rent a car in Key West? Situated right on the western tip of the Florida keys, Key West is literally situated at the end of the road, as far as driving within the United States is concerned. This might make it a natural consideration for being the start or end of some phenomenal […]

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Should I rent a car in Knoxville? Knoxville, Tennessee is the nearest large city to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is one of the world’s most visited scenic areas. Although a limited number of bus transfers are available from Knoxville, for example to the resorts of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge at the base […]

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The vast majority of tourist resorts on Hawaii Island (aka Big Island) are around Kona, rather than near the administrative centre of Hilo, and Kona is also where the majority of flights to Big Island arrive. Big Island, big roads – a hire car gives you the freedom to explore without being tied to a […]

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Las Vegas

Do I need to rent a car in Las Vegas? Where can we even start with car-rental advice for the great enigma in the desert that is Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada? Of all the different travel destinations in the world, Las Vegas is quite possibly the best and the most iconic place from which […]

Los Angeles

Should I hire a car in Los Angeles? Los Angeles is known to many people as one of America’s great car cities, although this is not always the same thing as being completely car dependent, a label that would be far more easily applied to any of the Sunbelt cities like Phoenix or Houston. City […]


Memphis car hire advice – generally, we think that Memphis is the sort of place where there are just enough options for getting around the city without a hire car, that you can probably manage it. Although there is ample car parking at Graceland, you can also get there it from the downtown area in […]

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Mexico City

Should I rent a car in Mexico City? The vast and sprawling Mexico City used to be the largest city in the world, and although it has now been surpassed by several cities in Asia, this is still one of the largest cities in the Americas at least. Although it’s better than it was, Mexico […]


Do I need to rent a car in Miami? Miami to us is the real Florida, a simmering melting pot of cultures that is a complete contrast to the theme park land of Orlando. These different cultures have created many cities within the city, so the question is what is the best way to get […]


Do I need a car in Montréal? If you’ve only come to Montréal to enjoy the nightlife and the city’s many and varying restaurants, then this is certainly the sort of place that you get around easy enough using local public transport, and anyone visiting Montréal from London might also notice a certain sense of […]


Do I need a rental car in Nashville? Nashville prides itself as being “Music City USA“, and with the focus being on Country and Western, there’s no shortage of live music available, and needless to say, if you are just sticking around the city centre, then local buses and taxis are fine. Nashville also has […]

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New York

Should I rent a car in New York? New York, New York — the city that is so good, they named it twice — but what is it like to get around? New York’s world-famous subway system has more stations than any other in the world, and many of them are actually elevated above the […]

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Niagara Falls (Buffalo)

Should I rent a car at the Niagara Falls? Buffalo car hire advice – Buffalo is the obvious gateway to the Niagara Falls, and depending on your starting point, you might be flying into Buffalo Niagara International airport, or you might also be travelling by train, in which case regional services within New York state […]

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