Brazil‘s most famous city of Rio de Janeiro is most famous for football, Cocacabana, Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer, samba and carnival, and needless to say, all of these are the sort of things where a car is much more a hindrance than it is a help. If you only have a few days in […]


Sitting right in the heart of the Amazonian jungle is the thoroughly unique city of Manaus, home to some two million people in and around it. Given its remote location, it’s unsurprising that there are still very few roads in and out of Manaus, although if you do fancy a short trip on any of […]


The Brazilian capital always was built for a future where the car was king, or perhaps simply a kerosene future, with the city laid out in a way that resembles a giant plane! In more recent years, Brasília has started to develop a mass transit system, but the simple fact is that unlike more traditional […]


We don’t recommend trying to hire a car in Bogota. None of the major international car hire providers have offices at Bogota airport, and this is not generally a city that international drivers are likely to want to hire a car in. However, public transport isn’t especially good either – although various railway lines do […]

São Paulo

Brazil‘s economic powerhouse really isn’t the sort of city where a hire car is going to be either particularly useful or necessary. Unlike its rival Rio de Janeiro, which has numerous great driving roads as it spreads across the Guanabara Bay, São Paulo is situated inland, and the city is relatively circular in shape, with […]


The city of Santiago itself is one of the largest in South America, with the population of the metropolitan area now heading towards the 7 million mark. Public transport in Santiago is nothing to write home about, but it is still one of a small handful of cities in South America to have a metro […]


  Any mention of visiting Peru is naturally first going to bring up the country’s jewel in the crown that is Machu Picchu, but any visit to this undoubted wonder of the Americas really needs to start in the city of Cuzco, rather than Lima. You might want to start a Peruvian road trip in […]

La Paz

We tried searching for La Paz car hire with the major UK registered car rental brokers, and no options came up for less than just under £300! We do not think this is the sort of destination where the majority of visitors would consider getting a rental car, based largely on local traffic and driving […]

Galapagos Islands

The car hire advice for the Galapagos island is astonishingly simple – you can’t hire a car here, so don’t even look into it! For those who insist on a little bit more detail, we are happy to explain. There are two airports serving the Galapagos Islands, both with flights from Quito and Guayaquil in […]

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires car hire advice – the Argentinian capital is a vast sprawling metropolis which also has an extensive underground system, together with a wide network of buses. There is simply no great advantage in having a hire car to visit the city of Buenos Aires itself, and if you plan to visit the popular […]