Whether you are planning on driving, using transit or your own two feet, thanks to 9 years of running travel website Flightmapping.com, chances are we can help out, or at least point you in the right direction.

Bear in mind that Carornocar.com is still just a ‘pilot’ project, if you will excuse the pun – but we have visited most corners of the world rsearching for Flightmapping, and it was about time we launched a separate site to cover surface travel.

There are many excellent route planning and mapping tools out there, some of which are mentioned on the right hand side. However, these tools can only give you numerical data such as timings, distances and costs. What they can’t do is tell you what you will see on the way, and what the quality of a road or transit facility is like. This is where we step in, especially with our extensive background in Architecture.

So feel free to ask away, either on any of the comment forms, our through our @carornocar twitter account:

Typical car hire advice questions:

  • Shall I hire a car or not (hopefully we’ve answered that one).
  • Is it worth hiring a car for just a few days, rather than the full trip?
  • Can I enjoy visiting two separate locations with a one-way rental?
  • Can I pick up a hire car in the city centre and return it to the airport (or vice-versa)?
  • Is it cheaper to get a hire car in the city or at the airport?
  • Will my airline give me the best car hire deal? (Probably not, but see why this is a bad idea, even if they seem reasonable value)
  • If I’m hiring a car for a group of people, will they pay a fair contribution to the costs, including insurance and parking?
  • What other unexpected costs are there with a hire car?
  • Can I calculate my CO2 output, or CO2 savings if I don’t drive?
  • Can I go carbon free and walk or ride my bike?
  • How old do I need to be to rent a car?
  • Do I need an international drivers’ licence?
  • Where do I need a local licence?
  • Which countries drive on the right / left?
  • What is the local speed limit?
  • Is it safe to drive in another country?

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